Enjoy the oaty rough & tumble of the nation’s crunchiest companion.

Pack shot of McVitie’s Hobnobs

The whole Hobnob herd.

  • Hobnobs
    The nobbly Original

    The oaty rough & tumble of the original one.

  • Milk Chocolate
    Milk Chocolate

    The nation’s favourite oaty biscuit gets a smooth milk chocolate lick.

  • Choc chip
    Choc chip

    Oaty Hobnobs sprinkled with chocolate chips.

  • Dark Chocolate
    Dark Chocolate

    Oaty wonder fix in this rough little dark chocolate number.

  • Vanilla Creams
    Vanilla Creams

    Two slices of rough & tumble oatyness cemented together with vanilla dreams.

  • Chocolate Creams
    Chocolate Creams

    Tumble head over heels for Vanilla Cream’s exotic chocaholic cousin.

  • Chocolate Slicess
    Chocolate Slices

    Share a smooth milk chocolatey and oaty hug.

  • Original flapjacks
    Original Flapjacks

    Your fave original Hobnobbly chunks with an oaty hug.

  • Original Eat Now flapjacks
    Original Eat Now Flapjacks

    Say hello to the original oaty hug of Hobnobbly.

  • Chocolate flapjacks
    Chocolate Flapjacks

    A chewy oaty Hobnobbly hug with smooth milk chocolatey.

  • Chocolate Eat Now flapjacks.
    Chocolate Eat Now Flapjacks

    Say hello to Hobnobbly smothered in chocolatey.